College Students SOS Ministry

The Student Outreach and Scholarship Ministry (S.O.S.) consists of five primary areas that are dedicated to Cornerstone’s full time secondary education students both away from home or commuting locally. The areas are Care Packages, Mentor Program, Prayer, Plug-in, and Scholarship.

Opportunities to Serve 

We have two opportunities to care for the Lafayette College students who are just a couple blocks away from our church!

Friendship partner • Spend time with one or more international students, serving as a source of support. Meet up for coffee, include them in family activities, and invite them to take part in things like holiday celebrations, shopping trips and on-campus events. To learn more, visit Lafayette. If you’re interested, contact Janine Block. 

Adopt • “adopt” a Lafayette student who attends Cornerstone. Spend time with and support your student. If you’re interested, contact Dave Block. We hope to hold a luncheon within the next couple months to welcome and get to know some of our students.

SOS began the spring of 2008 with a first launch that fall semester. Over the next so many years years we have provided hundreds of care packages and/or gift and gas cards plus multiple individual scholarships. Funding of the ministry is raised from individual donations. The ministry is not part of the church budget.

The original mission in 2008 was to “stay connected to this group of students when they temporarily leave to further their studies.”  

The vision of SOS is to continue church support to our college age students with reminders from home, “care packages,” assist students who attend approved Christian institutions of higher learning with scholarships, encourage them to plug in to various ministries when home, pray for them and mentor them both in their career endeavors and spiritually through discipleship.

All funds are collected June 1st to May 31st each year to determine funding of programs. The funds are divided 70/30.
Seventy percent of funds are divided amongst all qualified students attending or planning to attend a full accredited Christian Institution of Higher Learning as a full time student (12 credits). Students or their parents must be or are members of the church in good standing. Repeating students need to maintain a passing grade point average to qualify each year. Adults who return to pursue a degree also can qualify. Approved colleges are listed at The committee has the final decision on all scholarships. Ministry members and their children are not eligible.
• “Care Packages”
The care packages consist of boxes of various items sent to students away from home or gift cards depending on the semester and available funds that school year. Commuters are given a gas card. All students from both congregational members and regular attenders qualify. This is done both in the fall and spring semesters.
• Prayer
Our ministry members pray for the students on a regular basis. We have promoted others in the church to join in this activity and plan to do so in the future. One of the biggest requests we get from students is to pray for them. We sponsor a church wide prayer event each semester.

 Mentor Program
We strive to match a student’s major with an individual in the church of similar career background.
Mentors are “life lines” back home for the student. They are to develop a relationship with the student assisting in academic, career, and spiritual matters when contacted by the student. They also are to check in with the student during the semester and while at home.
• Plug-In
This is an attempt to plug-in students into other ministries when home during the summer months.  The goal is to keep them active within the church while at home.