We believe that the exaltation of Jesus Christ is the greatest catalyst for people to come to a saving relationship with God; that smaller campuses allow for greater Biblical community; that multi-siting allows a church to grow like a natural family and that it is easier for contextual ministry to take place.  Multi-siting allows us to live out our vision of rebuilding a spiritual wall around the east-end of the Lehigh Valley.

Multi-Siting Phases

Phase 1 [completed]
-Our goal was to vision cast and pray for direction and leading on our 3rd campus
The results of that vision casting were:
1.  Launching our next site in the Slate Belt Region
2.  Staff evaluation and research

Phase 2 [current phase]
1.  Identify specific location
                                a.  Development of criteria for location
2.  Identify Campus Pastor
                                             a.  Development of criteria for Campus Pastor
           3.  Communicate to Congregation

Phase 3
1.  Secure location/logistics
2.  Hire Campus Pastor
3.  Develop Core Team

Phase 4
1.  Soft Launch

Phase 5
1.  Hard Launch